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Whether your baby is already there or that it happens soon, you're looking for decorating his room ideas. Painting, mobile, Tower bed but also range-lollipops and photo holders, House & Deco has selected 20 original decorating ideas for baby's room.

The cosy bed Tower
Baby treadle nothing while sleeping with this ultra soft quilted bed Tower.

The lollipops range
It is always when one has the most need that we do not find the pacifier! You won't have this problem with this range-lollipops table that besides being clever is green.

The original colors
Who said that the pink and blue were Kings in the baby's room? Most original mixtures, as here the yellow and gray, will give personality to the room of your child.

The bookends
Baby is still small, certainly, but you can already buy a few books and store them with this charming bookends.

The Barbapapa Garland
A Barbapapa wreath to color and good humor in the baby's room!

The ultra comfortable armchair
Think about all those nights where you need to wake up to feed your baby... Do you think you deserve an ultra comfortable armchair, near his bed, to avoid back and forth?

The changing table scalable
Not only this changing table takes up little space, but it will be able to transform shelf when baby has grown.

The vintage style
The vintage style has always rated, and invaded throughout the House, even the baby's room!

The cloud suspension
A suspension-shaped cloud which will bring softness to baby's room.

The bed canopy
Also decorative than practical, the bed canopy will protect the baby sleep.
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