beach style hair colour : Colour Your Beach Style
Want to escape from the sea and need a change of scenery, do not hesitate to decorate your home for this one takes you away without leaving home. Invite the sea into your home decor under the sign of marine life.

For sea edge style

To achieve a seaside decor, dress up your home with decorative objects recalling the spirit of the sea To do this, decorate your furniture or walls of marine products inspired style that fit into a world that invites travel and adventure. Stay the course with a range that makes you want to take off and cast off. Navigate in a sea of ​​sailboats with authentic objects like ship models or printed fabrics headlights. 

To furnish your home, do not hesitate to adorn your home with denim and navy stripes. Light gray, blue and sandy beige offer the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere on board and timeless Sea. This color palette refresh your room for a style recalling the holidays.A setting between sand and sea  
For your walls, choose an evocative painting of marine style and themes. Match the colors to create visual consistency between furniture and walls. You can paint them in shades of blue to brighten up your home. Oil or electric blue, indigo and aquamarine are all soothing colors. Rejuvenate in your dressing room blue. This color animates the spirit and harmonizes your home for a spirit of discovery and adventure.  

You can also take the old paneling to your walls. It confer it a chic and refined spirit reminding small huts seafront You feel like a breath of fresh and well-being animate parts of your home.  

In hues of gray, blue and white, mind waterfront will blend perfectly in a soothing and encouraging inspired the master of the house to navigate to other areas decor.  

A change of scenery  
Dive into the depths of the sea and discover an amazing and energizing universe. To create this unusual universe, do not hesitate to dress your floors in a nautical style. Nostalgic vacation and relaxing on the beach, you can probably find pebbles beneath your feet with the carpet roller printed, for example. You can also dress your soil with a sand-colored floor to find this sweet single life.
 Colour Your Beach Style
Colour Your Beach Style