Contemporary residence in nature designs, interiors
"It is a great pleasure to be here in the middle of nature. In the house, the light comes from everywhere. The colors change with the seasons. We feel every time a great sense of freedom, peace, well-being. "

No doubt, the owners of this contemporary residence, built three years ago on the edge of a lake of Lanaudière, swimming in happiness. This professional couple, one retired and the other about to be, and their son in his twenties taste every moment spent in this house they built to suit their needs. "For twenty years, we rented cottages around the lake. One day a scout camp was sold. We then acquired a parcel of land, 100,000 sq. ft. with 300 of frontage on the water, and we hired an architect friend the task of designing the space. "

To maximize the altitude, a modern lobby and the garage on the floor, but the living rooms on the ground floor. "We wanted the living room, dining room, kitchen and conservatory Annex are walk-in, said the owner, which facilitates access to the terrace, the beach and the pier."
Inside was favored sweeping views of the landscape, framed by huge windows. Designer Maria Rosa Di Ioia has signed a sleek decor, nevertheless warmed by the strong presence of wood and slate.
contemporary residence designs
One suspects the occupants spend a lot of time outdoors. An elegant terrace, barbecue facilities near the veranda, a small beach, a sun flooded dock ... Everything is designed to run quiet days here. And in winter, there is skiing nearby, and ice skating. The decor of the good life is planted.