decorating ideas teenage bedroom

Teens are often demanding but need to be guided to the decor. Girl's room so boudoir atmosphere for junior young teen, so Deco studio apartment for big boy, you mix colors, abused motives for inventing spaces to measure.

interior decorating bedrooms teen pictures

For lovers of surfing and gliding, you create a blue ocean scenery of course. In this lagoon universe, every detail of the decor of the room recall the passion of its head.
Height of luxury in a teenager's room, personal shower. Here simply separated by a wall, it plays on contrasts opting for orange complementary color with blue.

A beautiful bedroom furnishings tailored for an original, extremely well designed and very functional outcome. A mix of lines and areas of color conceals clever storage.

Beautifully bold, beige khaki color walls creates a unique atmosphere. Simple shelves become invisible fixing fine setting for trinkets and collections of a young lady of taste.

For a teen fan design was fun genres with taste. The decor of the room chooses the color to welcome worthy vintage finds, furniture signed or customized furniture. 

To take advantage of vast dimensions, bedroom, kitchen studio, isolated in a quiet corner of the bed behind a screen. Dressed up in a beautiful pattern, it responds perfectly supported the purple wall.

Total look seventies but with the air of boudoirs for this room completely original girl. 70 requires, the orange is honored to showcase vintage items.

Mixing all the codes here to create a bohemian decor, rustic and welcoming. Retro objects coexist with a contemporary design in a nice mix of colors and patterns.

For a teen touches everything, landscape is an airy bespoke. Lightweight and modular shelves tube fixed to the ceiling can always keep an eye on the giant world map.   

Young nature lovers, this is a lesson in room decoration. The shades of green on bright white invites a strange bestiary for a nice paint job to measure.

Simple metal lockers become prehistoric tree teen paleontologist. Beautiful branches and wall mounted storage treasures are transformed into poetic creation.
Dressing room for a girl coquette. A handsome style that dares for teen room a metal structure very contemporary and very functional on candy pink background.

Plenty of storage space, the boxes left exposed and fixed to the structure up a pretty open partition with the door.  

Soon young teen, it fits the decor playing on the classics. The mixture of red and blue creates a joyful universe and simple, light furniture will then evolve according to the needs.

Living space and work, this teenager's bedroom plays sobriety with a simple and elegant design. A niche office on one side, a room on the other in a beautiful set of black and white.