How to use chopsticks in the decor
Scroll to highlight a cornice or highlight a window, whatever the use you are doing, chopsticks bring real added value to the decor of your home. To find out how to make the best follow the guide!

A decorative accessory from floor to ceiling

You can substitute the traditional baseboards and ask instead of decorative trim. They will dress your room and bring him a real personality.To add volume or a unique atmosphere in your home, you can also use them on your ceilings. Placed on their edges, they highlight the arabesques of your cornices for more conventional designs or give a real added value "design" to the ambience of your room. Because there are now a wide range of rods, shapes, colors, allowing you to play this accessory as you see fit. Finally, if you want to enhance the visual appearance of a window, a door using chopsticks as you would with a frame.
Hide a default
A tapestry a little worn, paint crumbling, a hammer unfortunate ... If you do not want to embark on major works or tedious repairs, get your wand! With multiple widths that exist on the market today you can hide small defects while bringing a real plus side decoration.
How to use chopsticks in the decor
Divert it!
Have fun to divert to highlight an item or piece of furniture. Dress as a book, frame an object or define a room. You can also compose original and unique photo frames. Play on shapes, colors as well as materials, wood, aluminum, plastic, to bring a singularity! You can also use it as a small shelf for your favorite things. Make sure not to choose an appropriate width. 
Today, the stick is luminous. Usually equipped Led bulbs, they can be placed anywhere. On a ledge to illuminate a ceiling in a dressing room, in the kitchen cupboards. An alternative to the original sconces and decorative time and reveals itself as a useful insight.
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