Swiss Chalet updated
An updated Swiss chalet reveals an interior of a modern attractive. A mountain-style chalet, coated wood and bright red steel roof.

It's a passion for snowmobiling that led the owners to acquire land in the wooded area of Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, in Mauricie. They will build a mountain-style chalet, coated wood and bright red steel roof, against the mountains and bordered by the river Loup. 

According to the plan, the ceiling of the steep cottage 1000 sq. ft - it is far from the cabin! - Must be lined with wooden slats. Note that the ceiling is 24 feet high in the living room. 

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During construction, the owner found that the wood paneling to multiple nodes was apparent less attractive than he had expected. In addition, the coating off a very rustic atmosphere, far from the modern and warm universe he had in mind. To correct the situation, he appealed to the designers Daniel Bissonnette and Jean Beauregard, who had already developed his principal residence.
Swiss Chalet updated
After some time toying with the idea to paint the slats of a pale shade, common in cottages on the East Coast, the design duo opted for a charcoal gray coloring. Beautiful: it intensifies the impression of the ceiling while reducing the presence of knots. They then added a fake Russian plywood frame that surrounds the metal structures while contrasting with the pale shade: "Only oblique amounts were there originally, says Daniel Bissonnette. The horizontal beams were chosen to balance the set and visually lower the ceiling, as well as the dark stain. The metal rods attach the beams and the temperament to bring together. "