The apartment of the model and stylist Azamit : design, decorating
The apartment of the model and stylist Azamit consists lush white and comfort with memories and also treasures here in Old Montreal.

Big name stylist Quebec Azamit is known for its creativity and innate sense of organization. One that can regularly see the work in the most popular magazines - Elle Qu├ębec as to name one - also has the look for the best finds and sniff out trends.

The decor of the apartment she lived for 15 years in Old Montreal also shows the care with which she made her choice: "I can take a long time to change a decorative element because I do research and I see a lot of things. But when I come across the perfect object, I know immediately. It's like a thunderbolt! "She says.

This is how she chose her new home: "Living in Old Montreal seemed like an impossible dream, until a friend told me about this apartment was just about to release, recalls does. The first things I noticed upon entering? The spiral staircase leads to the master bedroom as well as the natural light that floods each room. "Since this is a story of love without a false note. 
The apartment design, decorating
After 15 summers and many winters, stylist appreciate more each year her neighborhood, which she sees as a perfect blend of tranquility and exotic: "In winter, there is one, all is calm and peaceful while the summer, the streets are crowded with tourists. I hear all sorts of languages ​​coming from me, it gives me the impression of being on a journey, "says the former model, originally from Eritrea.