decorating a small kitchen : decorating ideas for small apartment kitchens
If you have a small kitchen remodel, then the problem of creating a fabulous kitchen simply means that you can install and where. the following may help you and how.

When the surface is missing but it still wants a nice functional room, pleasant, ideas data are never too ... Here is a selection of decorating ideas for small kitchens which I hope will inspire you ...

Decorating idea of ​​small kitchen
Cram in a 3 sq all the comforts of a fully equipped kitchen: microwave oven, dishwasher, washing machine, large work ...

We stop the anarchy in the kitchen and uses every inch to accommodate all appliances. Everyone must find his place. The microwave oven is the height, dishwasher, washing machine and fridge fit snugly next to each other. A work plan is fully paid.

The walls and ceiling are covered with bright red to create a box effect.

Decorating trick of ​​small kitchen
We do not forget to remove the door to a small kitchen. Keep block traffic.

And, to give both the depth to the room and better visibilty work plans are added above the neon lights.
modern decorating ideas for ​​small kitchens