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Small kitchen, our solutions to optimize space . Not always easy to cook in a small kitchen of 4m2. From there to give like cooking ... no question! (decorating and design) gives you some ideas to organize your small kitchen intelligently and even make your favorite room.

I have a small kitchen ... how can I do?

In your small apartment, no room for superfluous. And this also applies to your small kitchen that leaves you little room to cram cookware that take dust. Look on the bright side of things: your small kitchen requires you to be clever (to) create clever storage areas, opt for a smart appliances ... the key is to make your small kitchen a functional place anyway, you will enjoy to find like cooking.
Depending on the configuration of your small kitchen, different options available to you, even if a small kitchen is often a kitchen or kitchen I "cube" on a small surface. Whatever the arrangement and number of square meters, your small kitchen should be particularly well decorated, in which you recognize that your kitchen is small reason to have an eye for detail! The wall color will in this sense a fundamental role: a dark color on a wall background gives depth to the room. Your small kitchen will immediately more character! For less extravagant of you, the basic rule is to opt for bright and clear tones.
To enlarge your small kitchen, ask yourself if you can also moving a wall, leaving a half wall that will act as a link bar with lounge, remove the door from the kitchen to give a feeling of openness, or more original , ask a partition louver glass (see photo).
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